The New Beginning

Here’s standalone short story that has nothing to do with Purple Sunshine or the murder mystery I’m working on.


I can get up if I want. Just hafta break these chains around my wrists and ankles. Anyways, they feel like chains. Can’t see ‘em. Can feel somethin’ like a strap across my forehead and another on my chest. I could break ‘em easy by sittin’ up. But I don’t wanna to reveal my superpowers yet cuz they’re secret. Gonna wait for the right time. Anyways, this table is comfy and I been busy.

I almost let the cat out of the bag when that Father Ciaran come to talk to me.

Hey, that’s funny, the cat out of the bag, ha, ha!

Anyways, I don’t like that horrible little priest, and his black robes, and that stupid hood always draped over his head like he’s cold or somethin’. I think he don’t want nobody seein’ his evil face. Bet he’s one of them priests that hurt the alter boys. Mother told me about ‘em. Said they’re all goin’ to hell and I believe her. She oughta know cuz she’s probably already there. Anyways, he keeps saying that it ain’t too late for me to make a new beginnin’. A new beginnin’? Ha! I told him to “go to hell!” So his head snaps back like he’s scared of me and he says real slow like, one word at a time: “That is ironic.”

I don’t know that word. Never heard it before.

I been stuck inside this great big castle with clankin’ doors and blinkin’ lights where it’s noisy all the time. And it smells like the boys room at school when the janitor mops the floor. I miss my big white dog Kippo more than anythin’. Kippo’s out there somewheres killin’ cats. I know it. I want to help Kippo even though he don’t need no help on account he’s a superdog.

I ain’t seen Kippo for a long time, but that pretty lady, Miss Tami, brung my cat Streaky to visit. Sure was nice. I know Streaky’s a plain orange striped cat. He ain’t too smart, but he’s one of the good cats. There ain’t many of ‘em around. I know, cuz Streaky’s the only cat Kippo never went after. So Streaky’s real special and when Miss Tami brung him, it was the first time since comin’ to this awful place that I felt real good. Sure was nice just sittin’ there pettin’ Streaky’s warm fur. It’s so soft and smooth, and I sure liked hearin’ his quiet purr that sounds like a little electric motor. Then it hit me that Kippo musta sent Streaky with superpowers for me. See, superdogs can do that. Seen it on the TV. And I knowed it was true cuz I could feel the superpowers comin’ in through my fingers, spreadin’ through my body. Superdogs are smart, but Kippo might be the smartest one. Maybe smarter than Krypto, the first superdog.

Whenever the worst bad people in this castle talks to me, Miss Tami is right there. You know, she might be a princess and keepin’ it secret just like I’m keepin’ my superpowers secret. She’s smart.

When she smiles, I think she might like me some, which is really somethin’ cuz nobody likes me. A lot of the terrible men, especially the ones wearing the uniforms swear at me. They use lots worse words than anythin’ I ever said to that priest. Sometimes they hit me even though I’m big. But they never do it around Miss Tami. They’re afraid of her. And she’s so little and pretty, just like a princess. She’s kind of regal and upright, with shiny blonde hair and royal blue eyes. She wears fine clothes that has lotsa different colors, but she always has this gold chain around her neck right there in the cleft of her bosom where mother told me it’s not polite to look. But I still sneak looks. Miss Tami caught me lookin’ once and she started turnin’ pink. Anyways, the chain has this tiny sparkly figure of a blindfolded lady in a fancy bathrobe. She’s holdin’ up this sword in one hand there’s these two saucers danglin’ from a stick in the other one.

Day before yesterday, Miss Tami brought these three men to gimme some tests. She told me the tests were real important but she couldn’t stay for ‘em. I wasn’t worried cuz I’m real good at tests. First I thought these three guys was gonna hurt me. But they was all smaller than me. All three was wearin’ these fancy white jackets, but I still knowed they were bad guys. Don’t know what Miss Tami was so worried about. They didn’t even try and hurt me. They just asked me a bunch stupid questions. I know what bad guys do and what good guys do. But next day Miss Tami was so sad when she told me I passed the tests. I was real proud I passed though it wasn’t a hard test. Just after that, she brung Streaky with my superpowers. Now I’m not afraid of nothin’ or nobody.

Long time ago, me and Kippo and Streaky used to watch cartoons on the TV every day. I love cartoons more than anythin’, especially Krypto the Superdog. Almost every night, when it was dark and cool, Kippo and me’d go out and hunt for cats. Kippo likes to eat cats. He don’t much care for dog food. He’s better than me at catchin’ ‘em, but I help cut ‘em up so’s he can eat ‘em easier.

One day I caught this gray and black striped kitten belongin’ to Maria and Becky. They’re supposed to be eight-year-old twins who lived next door. I used to warn them all the time about evil cats. They’d just laugh at me and kept gettin’ new kittens. I’d feed their kittens to Kippo, especially early on before we started huntin’ every night. Anyways, when they got that gray striped one, I felt it was time they learned what happens to evil cats.

I let ‘em watch me feed the kitten to Kippo. Kittens are small, so I didn’t have to cut this one up. Maria and Becky started screamin’ and tried to stop Kippo. He gets real upset if anyone gets between him and his dinner so I had to help Kippo with my magic sword. It’s just an old machete, but I keep it real sharp. See, right then, I figured out that Maria and Becky weren’t little girls at all. They was very clever cyborgs sent by the evil Mechanikat, who’s Krypto the Superdog’s worst enemy. That’s why they looked exactly like each other.

And their mother was a wicked witch too. I’d been thinkin’ on that for some time. She always wore black clothes and had this broom for sweepin’ the walk. She must ride around on it when I’m not lookin’. And she’d hit Kippo with the broom. Anyways, when she heard all the screamin’ she comes runnin’ and I had to use my magic sword on her. Served the witch right. Then I had to use it again on my mother when she come out. She was always tellin’ me I was stupid. More and more, she’d been tryin’ to hurt Kippo and me. Just that morning, she told she was gonna have Kippo “put down.” Long as I can remember, she’s been hittin’ me with her old leather belt that has a big brass buckle, and it hurts bad when that buckle cuts into you. Didn’t she know I was too old to be spanked like a little kid? And I weren’t little no more.

So I used the sword on her.

Surprisin’ how messy the whole thing was. Not like cartoons. But all that happened a long time ago and I don’t think about it much now.

Now I’m lying on my back in this terrible stone castle somewheres in a room deep inside. There’s mirrors on the walls and I’m pretty sure I’m bein’ watched. That nasty priest tried to talkin’ to me again but I told him the same thing as before. Miss Tami visited a few minutes ago and she was cryin’ so I smiled and told her not to worry. I am now one hundred percent sure that she is a true princess and that necklace must be her queen.

“You may proceed warden.” It sounded like a voice coming from a TV somewheres.

Anyways, I’m feelin’ real tired, so tired that I’m gonna take a short nap. Soon as I wake up, I am gonna unleash my superpowers. I’m gonna rescue Princess Tami and fly out of this castle. I’m gonna find Kippo and help him in his war against the evil cats.

That stupid priest is right. It’s time for a new beginnin’.

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